All color belts receive Universal Tae-Kwon-Do Brotherhood, Inc. certificates from the Master Instructor according to the rank achieved by the student (the certificate is issued when the student receives the color belt, not the color stripe.)

All BLACK BELT certificates from the US ITF-C, are signed by Master Choi, Jung Hwa.

All BLACK BELT certificates from the Kuk Ki Won, are signed by the President of the Kuk Ki Won. 

Those from the Chang Moo Kwan are signed by the President of the CMK.

The student must apply for Black Belt certificates from the Kukkiwon and the Chang Moo Kwan simultaneously by filling out an appropriate application form obtainable from the Director of the U.T.B., or via his U.T.B. Master Instructor, and by remitting the certification fee established by the corresponding organization. (Author's note: The fee for the WTF is the same by going through the U.T.B. or by traveling to Korea and getting it from the Kuk Ki Won.)

All members are free to belong to any other Martial Arts organization provided they maintain their status in their master style (U.T.B.) and their proficiency in that style does not suffer in any way.


All CERTIFICATE FEES are in USA Dollars!



1st DAN $70


$40 $70
2nd DAN $90


$60 $90
3rd DAN $120


$90 $120
4th DAN $150


$120 $150
5th DAN $300


$200 $300
6th DAN



$250 $350
7th DAN





8th DAN





9th DAN





All CERTIFICATE FEES are in USA Dollars!

All TESTING FEES are in USA Dollars!

1st DAN $100
2nd DAN $150
3rd DAN $200
4th DAN $300
5th DAN $400
6th DAN $500
7th DAN $600
8th DAN $700

UTB, Inc. and CMK color belt rank certificates are $20.00 for each, regardless of the color belt. This is for full color belts only and not for half-belts (stripes).

In order to obtain WTF (Kuk Ki Won) and Chang Moo Kwan certification through Grand Master Eugene A. Humesky, one must also be a member of the UTB, Inc. and you must belong to the same TaeKwonDo style as he does, i.e. Chang Moo Kwan.
In addition, you and your students who are applying for the certificates have to belong to the UTB, Inc. (yearly dues are

After a successful completion of the testing requirements for the 4th Dan in the above organizations, or by presenting copies of the 4th Dan or higher certificates in the above organizations, the candidate may apply for a Master certificate in Chang Moo Kwan through Grand Master Eugene A. Humesky.
In a rare case, when the applicant is personally well known to Grand Master Eugene A. Humesky and is qualified for a 4th degree or higher black belt in Tae kwon Do, he can obtain a Chang Moo Kwan Master certificate through Grand Master Eugene A. Humesky, at the cost of
$200.00 in the form of a cashier check or money order, made out to the Chang Moo Kwan.

USITF INO#50 Miscellaneous Certification and Plaques

ITF International Instructor Certification -- $300

ITF "A" Class International Umpire Certificate -- $150

ITF "B" Class International Umpire Certificate -- $50

ITF Replacement Certificates -- $30

ITF Color Belt Membership Fee -- $25

ITF Black Belt Membership Fee -- $25

ITF Black Belt Status GOLD -- $30

ITF Main Plaque -- $200

ITF Branch Plaque -- $150

ITF First time School License -- $150

ITF School Renewal License -- $100

All color and black belt students need to be registered with the USITF INO#50


Persons interested in obtaining Kuk Ki Won, Chang Moo Kwan and UTB certificates must fulfill certain requirements and follow certain rules.
The rules are:

  1. Skipping rank is acceptable in ITF-C, and CMK, but not an option in WTF / KukKiWon and not in the UTB except in special cases.

  2. All paper work must be done in triplicate with two copies being sent to Grand Master Joe v. Hernandez, and the third kept by the candidate for his/her record. The requirements are:
    1. Copies of your Martial Arts ID cards (or copies of your certificates) indicating your latest rank.
    2. Autobiography (academic and Martial Arts achievements). Two copies please!
    3. Essay on the general history of Martial Arts with the emphasis on Tae Kwon Do.
      The length of the essay should be:
      • 1st dan -- 5 pages
      • 2nd dan - 10 pages
      • 3rd dan - 15 pages
      • 4th dan - 20 pages
      • 5th dan - 30 pages
      • 6th dan - 40 pages
      • 7th dan - 50 pages
      • 8th dan - 70 pages

    4. Kuk Ki Won Dan Application Form.
    5. Chang Moo Kwan Application Form with information printed on both sides.
    6. Letter of introduction to the World CMK Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee's successor.
    7. Four large (2" height x 2" width) passport type color photos (camera distance 3') for certificates.
    8. Three small (0.5" x 0.5") passport type color photos for ID cards.
    9. A regular (8.5" x 11") manila envelope.

    10. A $50.00 check for registered mail to Korea, and a $25.00 check
      for express mail in the USA.

    11. A $20.00 check for calligraphy on UTB certificates. One check for
      all expenses for the UTB certificate should be made out to Joe

    12. The fees for WTF/KKW, ITF, and CMK should be in bank checks made out to each individual organiaztion.

To receive the above mentioned application and letter, send the manila envelope with the CHECKS / MONEY ORDERS made out to:


  1. One video showing the following:
    1. All KKW forms:
      • 1st Dan - 1-8 Pal Gwe, 1-8 Tae Geuk and Koryo
      • 2nd Dan - Includes above plus Keum Gang and Tae Baek
      • 3rd Dan - Includes above plus Pyong Won and Sip Jin
      • 4th Dan - Incudes above plus Ji Tae and Cheon Kwon
      • 5th Dan - Includes above plus Han Soo
      • 6th Dan - Includes above plus Il yo
      • 7th Dan - Includes all the above
      • 8th Dan - Includes all the above
      • Three and one step techniques.
      • Sparring one and multiple opponents (up to 6th dan only; 7th and 8th are excluded).
      • Breaking:
        • Power break (5 boards together with a flying kick). Up to and including 4th dan.
        • Technical break: 3-4 stations, each station with 4 to 5 persons (board holders, one board for each person). Different technique for each break.

      • Weapons self defense: against pistol, knife and stick.
      • CPR practical applications.

Practitioners of other Martial Arts may obtain only 1st dan from the above organizations at first. Final decision on passing the exams is left to the discretion of the Grandmaster Joe V. Hernandez. In order to begin the process of obtaining certificates in KKW, CMK and UTB one must first become a member of UTB. 

UTB Membership Application Form

The yearly UTB membership dues,
$50.00, must accompany the application. All UTB fees must be paid by MONEY ORDER / CHECK to UTB, INC. only.

For more information, contact Grandmaster Joe V. Hernandez


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