The UNIVERSAL MARTIAL ARTS BROTHERHOOD, INC. is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan and was founded by Grandmaster Eugene A. Humesky, 10th Degree (Deceased-2014). He is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Universal Martial Arts Brotherhood, Inc. The birth of the UMAB, Inc. was in January of 1994. Grandmaster Humesky saw a need to broaden the horizons of his students and instructors. He sought to expand their training by making membership into his organization available to all styles of the martial arts thus, allowing free expression of ideas, theories and the exchange of new concepts to and from his Tae Kwon Do practitioners. This birth of the Universal Martial Arts Brotherhood, Inc. embraced the entire martial arts community.

The UMAB/UTB currently acknowledges, has affiliations with, or aligns itself with the following organizations. These organizations are in addition to the Chang Moo Kwan and the World Tae Kwon Do Federation:

  • The World Ki-Do Federation through Grandmaster In-Sun Seo

  • The Hosinsul Society through Grandmaster Dr. Daeshik Kim

  • The United States Karate Association through Dr. Roberta Trias-Kelly

  • The World Head Family Sokeship through Grandmaster Frank Sanches, Soke

  • Cloud Forest World Chinese Martial Arts Association through Grandmaster Dr. Wei Kash

  • Martial Arts Grandmaster International through Dr. Andrew S. Linick

  • International Tao of the Fist Martial Arts Fraternity through Grandmaster Sid Cambell

  • Goshin-Kai Jutsu through Senior Master Robert Fields

  • The World MooSul Kwan Federation through Prof. / Grandmaster Derman B. Hodge, Sr.

  • Modern Arnis through Grandmaster Remy Presas successor

  • The American Karate Academy, Inc. through Master Brad Hintz

  • The International Sungjado Association through Dr. George I. Petrotta

These affiliate organizations are not intended to be a finite listing nor are they intended to circumvent future organization additions. On the contrary, the UTB / UMAB welcomes any organization with proper credentials to apply for membership within its family. Proper credentials shall be deemed as those organizations that are nationally or internationally recognized establishments of "time proven" styles.
Any future organization's acceptance into the UTB / UMAB is subject to final approval by two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors.

The UTB/UMAB, Inc. may be contacted at:


15548 Regina Allen Park, MI 48101 USA


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